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Food Review: China Go Grill Restaurant

Mike Thayerby Mike Thayer

In the mood for some Chinese and looking for something convenient as I headed home after running some errands, I stopped in the China Go Grill restaurant on Rock Rd. to get some dinner.

I went with a two meat platter, ordered General Tsao's Chicken, Orange Chicken, fried rice and an egg roll.  I also added a second egg roll to the order, I love a good egg roll!  I got my order to go and shelled out a bit under $10.

I shouldn't have ordered the second egg roll.

I was home within minutes of leaving the restaurant and sat down almost immediately to eat.  The food wasn't cold, but luke warm at best and the first bite of the egg roll was, well, disappointing.  You want a hot bite, a crunch, with the vegetables, meat and oriental spice giving you a pop of flavor.  That was all missing with the China Go egg roll.  The chicken dishes I selected weren't much better.  The General Tsao's Chicken was sauced well enough, coverage was good, but it lacked the spicy heat that you would expect from a good General Tsao's offering.  Hoping to get something better from the Orange Chicken, that too, left much to be desired.  Both preparations were so bland in fact, it was almost tough to distinguish which was which.   The fried rice was under-seasoned as well.   An educated guess here, they don't make their food from scratch, it's pre-packaged stuff that's heated up and placed in the steam table, a table that isn't doing its job.

To sum, what I got from China Go Grill did not satisfy my craving for good Chinese food.  The restaurant itself appeared clean, the service was good.  It's just that the food was disappointing.  The next time I get Chinese, I'll try another establishment.

I give the China Go Grill two out of five Metro Pursuit - Wichita stars.



The China Go Grill restaurant is located at:

1230 S Rock Road, Wichita, KS 67207
Phone: (316) 652-8889





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