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Talliano's Pizzeria - Derby

Talliano's LogoTalliano’s is the place to take your family and friends for a unique mouth-watering Italian pizza menu that is second to none in the area. You’ll find a large hot and tasty pizza buffet that includes a salad bar with everything you’ll need to create your own personal salad for lunch and dinner.

One of the largest dining areas in Derby makes Talliano’s the perfect place for large groups. Families, team gatherings, birthday party groups and others will find it to be the perfect venue for gathering and eating. Call us today and reserve space for your group.

Select from over 18 different toppings for your pizza in a thin, house or deep pan crust. You can choose your sauce, too, with traditional red sauce or our signature Italian white sauce. If you want something different, try one of our in-house specialty pizzas like bacon cheeseburger, BBQ chicken, taco taco taco or the satisfyingly famous Talliano.

Talliano’s dessert pizza will top off any meal with flavors like chocolate chip, cherry, apple, cinnamon, blueberry and more.

If you aren’t after pizza, try a Talliano’s Italian sub sandwich or select one of our other sandwiches with a house salad.

If you are in a hurry, call ahead for our carryout or delivery service.  We deliver all day, every day! When you’re hungry, make Talliano’s your next stop for a great meal.


408 N Baltimore Ave., Derby, KS. 67037
PH: 316-788-8315

via www.tallianospizzeria.com


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Mike T.

Thanking the server I took the carry-out to my truck, with that great pizza smell wafting out of the box, just teasing me.... It was a LONG drive home..... I may or may not have eaten a couple slices on the way back to my apartment.... And Talliano's makes a good pie. The toppings are nicely portioned, to include good, flavorful pepperoni, complimented by the green pepper, there's a more than generous amount of mozzarella cheese. The sauce is good (but not "Wow" great) and the crust was nicely baked and flaky. https://www.metropursuit.com/2019/11/pizza-challenge-update-who-has-the-best-pizza-in-the-wichita-metro-area-is-it-tallianos-in-derby.html

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