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Food Review: Dominos pizza still sucks

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

So I was at work, thinking about what to have for dinner, as I failed to pull anything out of the freezer in the a.m. before work and I didn't have any leftovers on hand to reheat.....

20161207_184546(1)"Pizza!" I said, in typical, bachelor, man-speak......

My next thought was, where is a convenient pizza joint on the route to the house where I can slip in and slip out to pick up a carry out order?

Pizza Hut?  Nope, not on the way home.

Papa Johns?  Yes, but on the wrong side of the street, heavy traffic at that time of day forbids a left turn out of the parking lot.

A local joint?  This would be my preferred choice, but none exist....... 

So what choice is left?  Dominos.  It's on the way home, it's on the right side of the street, but Dominos?  Really?  I haven't had a Dominos pizza in years and for good reason.  Their crust became cardboard, their sauce lacked zesty flavor, they got cheap on the toppings and most importantly they stopped doing the 30-minute delivery guarantee....  Let me tell you, there was nothing better than getting a bunch of free pizzas on Super Bowl Party Sunday, it was the stuff of high-fives with the guys!  And while Dominos used to be OK back in the day, they went downhill, steeply, both in terms of product and service.   Dominos used to be a bachelor's go-to, the pizza was decent for the price and most times, you got it delivered as promised.  But those days disappeared.  

Knowing the joint has tried to re-invent itself in recent years, creating new crust and sauce recipes as well as adding new menu items, I decided Dominos was worth a new try.


Dominos still sucks.

I ordered my favorite, a pepperoni and mushroom pizza on a hand tossed crust.  In fact, I ordered extra cheese and extra mushrooms.

20161207_184519Does this look like extra cheese and extra mushrooms to you?

I will give credit where credit is due.  Dominos has improved their crust.  Is it really tossed?  Um, no, but it no longer tastes like cardboard.  You can taste the infused garlic and butter and it does have a crispy, flakiness to it. 

But the sauce is terrible!  It's not zesty, it's....well, off.  It's not a classic, savory pizza style sauce, Dominos went off to la-la land with the sauce.  I have to ask, does Dominoes even know what oregano is?  There was no, "Yum!" to this sauce, I found myself asking, "WTF, this is a revamped recipe?  They need to go back to the drawing board."  It's not a pizza sauce, it's not worthy of a spaghetti sauce (or as some Italians might say, a 'gravy') , it's not a marinara....  I don't know what Dominos was thinking in putting out the sauce they're now using.  It's not 'out-of-the-box' innovative, it's, well, crap.  There's just no other way to put it.  The sauce sucks and it kills the pizza.

And about those toppings......  Dominos, well, at least this local one anyway, is still up to its old tricks that sent the pizza joint into decline, being a scrooge on the toppings.

The pizza I ordered, a large pepperoni and mushroom with extra mushroom and extra cheese came to about $18 online for a carry out order.  I ordered it just before leaving work and when I completed the order online I was informed it would be ready for pickup in 9-15 minutes.

The order was ready when I arrived at Dominos 10 minutes later.  Kudos.  The guy taking my payment even gave me an on-the-spot coupon discount, knocking $5 off the price.  Nice, but that didn't add any flavor (or more mushrooms) to the pizza.

Dominos gets just 2 out of 5 Metro Pursuit Stars.  They definitely improved their crust, but the sauce sucks big time and they're still skimpy with the toppings.




The Dominos I tried is located at: 

7825 E Harry St, Wichita, KS 67207















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Gerry Perkins

I ordered a Dominoes pizza when my friend was here from Ca. It was the worst pizza Ive ever ordered! They are no longer ever going to get my Business!

patrick verderese

dominos sucks never ever agaain


Oh my God, the sauce is terrible. You know that waft you get when you walk past a full foster on a hot summer day? Yeah, kinda like that. That's the only way I can describe the after taste. It's like someone who tried making spaghetti sauce for the first time, and had to guess based on a picture someone once described to them several years ago. Like they knew there was tomatoes, something.. something... Dark side...
I'd rather eat little caesars that's had a bite taken out and has been in the fridge for 6 days...
I'm sorry... I...I cant eat this... the crust is really good, but that sauce.. yuck! I.. I dont know.. maybe I'll try putting a couple of slices in the dishwasher to see if I can get that sauce off. It's like, I can even say it's like you wiped your ass with it, that'd actually be an improvement.


Oh my God.. I just can't let it go.. it's the worst sauce I've ever had... Oh my God... It's the worst pizza... And I've had an 0.89¢ totinos party pizza cooked in a microwave.. Jesus Christ! Domino's is the haggis of pizza.. please for the love of God and all that is holy, I had nightmares about having to eat another slice..woke up in a cold sweat screaming "no..noooo! .. Thank God it's raining outside, I'm going to go roll my windows down and leave the doors open to wash the smell out of my car
I tried giving it to my dog and she just sat there barking at it for like 4 hours. Eventually, I just threw it into the trash, but then the raccoons came and threw rocks through my windows! They didn't even run away afterwards either. They wanted me to see them, I'm pretty sure one of them flipped me off! I didn't know what else to do with it, it's not like I could just bury it in the back yard, it might contaminate my septic tank. I kid you not, I just wanted to throw it back up into the toilet, but my body instinctually stopped me just so I wouldn't have to taste it again! Like in the movies when they toss a grenade into a room, and someone tosses it right back out again.. Jesus Christ, it's like it's not even Pizza... They should be required by law to have to call it "peetsah."... including the quotation marks!
Am I exaggerating?
But not nearly enough. All the oregano in the world couldn't save that sauce... whoever came up with that sauce recipe should be neutered, and sent to shovel trash on and off barges for the rest of their life.
Dominoes may have seriously ruined pizza for me period. Yeah, it's really that bad. "Domino's, the haggis of pizza"

Adrian Myers

I agree, Dominos Pizza is THE worst pizza. I will NEVER eat another Domino’s Pizza.

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