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Food Review: Hog Wild and their "Burnt Ends"

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Hog Wild Pit BBQ has really been promoting an addition to their menu, Burnt Ends.  The radio station I listen to most often, KNSS on the AM dial, runs Hog Wild commercials touting Burnt Ends just about every airwave break it seems.

If you're not familiar with Burnt Ends, they are considered a BBQ delicacy, BBQ gold!  Burnt Ends come from smoked brisket, the odd shaped end pieces pitmasters set aside as they slice up brisket portions for serving.   These odd shaped ends, when done right, offer up the perfect BBQ brisket bite in my book.

Good Burnt Ends (yes, a capital 'B' and a capital 'E') are a combination of a nice layer of bark (yes, the 'burnt' part), a layer of melted down smoky fat (FLAVOR!) and a layer of tender, delicious meat. 

When I first heard the commercials and that Hog Wild had just recently added Burnt Ends to their menu, I was excited yet kind of surprised.....   It struck me as a bit odd that an established BBQ joint wasn't already offering them.

"So Mike," you ask, "enough already, are Hog Wild Burnt Ends any good?"

No, they were rather disappointing.

I got a Three Meat Dinner from Hog Wild:  Pulled Pork, Hot Links and the Burnt Ends. 

Saving what I was hoping to be the best bite for last, I tasted the Pulled Pork first.   It was excellent, tender, smoke not overpowering, nice shred, Hog Wild is good at Pulled Pork.  The Hot Links were sampled second, they were very good, a nice kick but not so much it renders your taste buds inert.  Then I tried the Burnt Ends, the bite I was looking most forward to......

"Really?" I said to myself.

There was virtually no bark and hardly any fat at all in the ends.  Upon closer examination of the so-called 'Burnt Ends', it looked like somebody just cubed up some brisket, these weren't truly ends at all, not one odd shaped bite in the bunch.  Don't get me wrong, the meat was tender, there was a nice smoke to it, but make no mistake, these weren't bona fide Burnt Ends, they were simply, cubed up Brisket.  They tasted OK, but they were far from BBQ Gold!  Hog Wild Pit BBQ Burnt Ends are a disappointment.

Trying to pass off regular brisket that's just been cubed up, as Burnt Ends is a BBQ crime.

Hog Wild gets just 2.5 out of 5 possible Metro Pursuit - Wichita Stars, their tasty pulled pork kept that rating from being even lower.  I'm not sure how Hog Wild got voted one of the Top BBQ joints in Kansas (2016) serving pretend Burnt Ends like they did.....

MetroPursuitMetroPursuit MetroPursuit



The Hog Wild Pit BBQ reviewed is located at:

1200 S. Rock Rd Wichita, KS 67207   

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