Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 5, lunch
Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 6, breakfast

Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 5, dinner

Mike Thayer 2016 (2) By Mike Thayer

Can you eat for a week on just $50?

Breaking it down by the day, that's about $7.14 per day or $2.38 per meal.

20170524_185340It's Day 5, time for a healthy dinner!  I've been eating well, as in some VERY satisfying food, but some of those meals haven't exactly been some of the healthiest.....  So it's time for some salad!   One of the easiest ways to eat healthy but still satisfy that caveman mentality when it comes to food is to eat a salad loaded with grilled meat.  That's what I did with tonight's meal, rabbit food + grilled meat = YUM!   And here's the kicker.....  If you are a coupon shopper you can really take advantage of some food producer deals!  I picked up a Dole southwest salad  at the store for free using a Dole coupon and dressed that already fantastic ready-to-eat salad with some grilled chicken.  I prepped some chicken thighs with that southwest theme in mind, marinading the chicken with some canola oil, cumin, black pepper, jalapeno salt a little cayenne and a bit of lemon juice.  The chicken was grilled to perfection (of course) and this Dole southwest salad mix is a winner!  By adding some grilled chicken to it, I've added another layer of great flavor to create one VERY satisfying dinner!  It's another dose of YUM!  This meal only cost me about $2, the cost of grilling up some chicken thigh and enjoying a couple of adult beverages.  The salad was free, courtesy of the Dole company and a 'Free Salad' coupon.

Meal totals for the day:  

Breakfast:  $2.40
Lunch:  $2.50
Dinner:  $2.00

The Dole salad coupon kept me under budget for the day!  It pays to coupon shop.

Cumulative total for the Challenge:

Day 1:  $7.25
Day 2:  $6.90
Day 3:  $6.55
Day 4:  $4.21
Day 5:  $6.90

Grand Total:  $31.81 so far and under budget!  I've been eating well, dining in, to go orders, burgers, Chicken Teriyaki, breakfast sandwiches, having some veggies too....  And there's been no Ramen on the menu!  For now anyway....

Need some meal ideas?  Go to the Bachelor on the Cheap You Tube Channel












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Evelyn Wangari

For sure the most satisfying food is not always the healthiest

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