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By Mike Thayer

You don't need to exercise to lose weight.  Sure, it helps speed up the process, but you can indeed effectively lose weight - and I'm talking significant weight loss - without exercise.  If you don't eat bad carbs, you WILL lose weight, no exercise required.

But adding light to moderate exercise to your daily routine is a good thing.  I'm not however, talking about how it can speed up your weight loss, I'm talking in terms of how it greatly aids in keeping that lost weight off.

When I first started my Carb-Check Diet, I simply did away with eating so much bread, pasta, rice, chips - all those bad carbs.  I dropped over 40 pounds without any real exercise effort in about five months.

But then the holidays came up, all those tasty treats being offered by family and friends....  Despite some pretty good discipline, it was tough to totally lay off of those bad carbs and sweets.

Enter, exercise.

It doesn't take much, even if you're entering your diet from couch potato status.  That was my starting point.

Start out slow and build, 30 sit-ups in the morning, 30 counter-top pushups, walk a mile after work.   The next day, add 5 more to your sit-up and pushup count and so on.  When you've got that exercise habit developing, you'll find yourself adding more to your routine, trunk twists, leg lifts, standing squats.....   I now exercise throughout my day.  Whenever I have a bit of idle time, even at work, I might do 50 counter-top pushups or some standing squats.   Doing some laundry?  Knock out 50 stomach crunches.  On a break at work?  Do some trunk twists.   And yes, you've heard this next one before, don't park close to the store, park far away and walk!  It really does help!  You don't have to set aside large blocks of time to exercise, you can do simple but effective exercises throughout the regular course of your day.  Exercising in little pieces like that may not provide you with cardio, but it will help you with toning muscles and toned muscles means your body burns calories more efficiently.  Translation:  Your body gets better at burning calories as fuel, rather than storing calories as fat.

Added benefit:  When I started this diet, I was taking a 40 milligram pill daily to regulate high blood pressure.  Dieting without exercise and dropping that first 40+ pounds led to my high blood pressure medication being reduced to 10mg pills.  By adding regular, light exercise to my daily routine, I am pleased to report that I am no longer on high blood pressure medication at all.  Be sure to check with your doctor! 

So even though I "Fell Off the Wagon" a bit over the holidays - eating bad carbs - I didn't gain any weight back, I benefited from light exercise.  It's easy, add a few sit-ups, pushups and walking to your daily routine!







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Yes. Just avoid hot foods and you will loose weight instantly. Dont eat like a pig.

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