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Cox Cable in Wichita sucks

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Football season is upon us....

So Cox Cable didn't want to work with me on adding TV to my service package - I currently have internet only. I'm paying $100 a month for internet. I want TV added so I can satisfy my football addiction.

"That'll be $140 a month," Cox says.

Meanwhile, Cox is offering new customers a TV, internet package deal for $89 a month. I mention that fact to the Cox sales rep, I acknowledge I'm not a new customer eligible for an introductory promotion deal, but surely, you, Cox, need to come down from $140 a month, I'm a long term and timely paying customer in good standing.....

"Nope, no deal for you," Cox says.

Not even the escalation department at Cox would work with me. I could only get a 'deal' @ $127 a month but ONLY if I added a phone I don't want or need, or if I added a security camera which I don't want or need..... Hey Cox, if you can afford to give me $127 a month by adding equipment I don't want, can't you afford to give me JUST internet and TV for the same price?

"Nope," Cox says.  Per the escalation department, that phone or security camera HAS to be installed and in use (a.k.a., equipment rental fee, additional taxes, rate goes up after one year and I have to sign a two year deal).

Cox Cable needs some cable competition in this town.  They are overpriced and they don't give a rat's rear end about keeping their customers in good standing happy.  They are a monopoly and they know it.  Sure, I could get Dish or DSL, but that's flat out just not the same thing.  I'll get to view a lot of football games with my HDTV antenna and enjoy other programming via my Roku, but I will miss some football games and major league baseball playoffs I was looking forward to viewing with a cable TV subscription.  Cable competition is needed, it will drive down prices and improve service.

If you have had a similar or otherwise less-than-stellar experience with Cox Cable, I would encourage you to submit a review with the Better Business Bureau:  Submit A Review



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W. Smith

Thanks for sharing.

Marnus Labuschagne

Well done job by the blogger, this is really informative, i have also shared with others.

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