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City of Wichita furloughs hundreds of employees amid pandemic

Wichita FlagWICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The City of Wichita furloughs more than 300 of its workers in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The furloughs will be in place from March 28 through April 23.

In an email, Wichita city officials tell 301 of its employees they will be placed on a temporary furlough.


Sedgwick County coronavirus cases double in two days, now at 42 as Kansas tops 300

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Sedgwick County has more than doubled in two days as the state number has topped 300.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment officials said in a Sunday news release that there are 42 known cases of COVID-19 in Sedgwick County. The new number comes after 20 cases had been confirmed on Friday and 33 cases on Saturday.

County health officials said on Friday that the disease had officially reached the point of “community spread” in Sedgwick County, meaning that it was being spread primarily from resident to resident.


Sedgwick County coronavirus cases reach 33 and Kansas 261 as U.S. breaks 100,000 mark

The number of coronavirus cases in Sedgwick County increased by 12 overnight to 33, while the number statewide jumped 59 to 261 and a fifth death has been reported, officials reported.

Kansas’ fifth death was reported in either Johnson or Wyandotte counties where the other Kansas deaths occurred as well. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reported the 261 cases included 3,671 negative results, meaning roughly 7% of people test positive, and at least 50 people required hospitalization.

The Sedgwick County news release cited figures through noon Saturday.


Kansas Gov. Kelly announces statewide stay at home order to halt spread of COVID-19

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly imposed a statewide stay at home order Saturday in an effort to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

Kelly said the measure, which follows similar orders in the state’s most populous counties, is necessary to give health care workers the time to prepare for the peak of the virus and soften its impact on the state.

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COVID-19 maps of Missouri, Kansas: Latest coronavirus cases by county

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to climb, we’re tracking the number of cases here in Missouri and Kansas.

The coronavirus outbreak first started in Wuhan, China and has since spread across the globe, impacting Italy, Canada and the United States. The first case of COVID-19 in the United States was reported on January 14, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here is a breakdown of the number of cases in Missouri and Kansas. The data is from state health departments and will be updated when we learn of new information.


What to expect with Sedgwick County's stay-at-home order: Questions answered

Sedgwick CountyWICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Sedgwick County issuing a stay-at-home order starting after midnight Wednesday (March 25), comes with many questions concerning what people are allowed to do, where they can go and what businesses remain open. Eyewitness News is here to help you understand what lies ahead with the order issued to last 30 days.


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Sedgwick County recommends stay-home order; critical functions, defense industries exempt

Sedgwick County has become the latest in Kansas to order an array of businesses to shut down and most workers to stay home in the ongoing battle against the coronavirus and COVID-19, pending a decision from the county’s local health officer.

In a special meeting late Monday afternoon, the County Commission, acting as the Board of Health, recommended a widespread closure of business in and around Wichita for a period of 30 days starting March 25. To take effect, the local health officer Garold Minns would need to sign off on the order.


Sedgwick County to draft stay-at-home order as top doctor says it isn’t yet necessary

Wichita FlagSedgwick County government staffers are drafting an order for people in the largest city in Kansas to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, even though the county’s top public health official says it is not necessary now.

County commissioners met in a special meeting — sitting at least 6 feet apart — Sunday afternoon to discuss the coronavirus pandemic. Commission Chairman Pete Meitzner asked county staff to draft a stay-at-home ordinance by Wednesday’s scheduled meeting.

County Manager Tom Stolz said he hopes county staff will have a draft ready earlier and asked commissioners to consider calling a special meeting once a draft is prepared.


Parent of Logan's and Old Chicago 'mothballs' all 261 of its restaurants

The parent of the Logan’s Roadhouse and Old Chicago casual chains said it is “mothballing” all 261 of its restaurants after a lender withdrew financing to keep the bankrupt company in operation until it could emerge from Chapter 11 protection.

The debtor-in-possession financing was withdrawn because of the “unprecedented and unforeseen outbreak of COVID-19,” the company, Craftworks Holdings, said in a court filing.

All of the restaurants have been closed. “The debtors hope that they will be able to restart their operations at some point in the future, but there are many preconditions to a restart, including the obtaining of financing, the hiring of staff, and the ability to create a coherent and profitable business plan,” Craftworks said of itself in the filing. “The shutdown could persist for a prolonged period time, if not permanently.”