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Wine Review: Suburban Fracas Melee

By Mike Thayer

Wine Shop at Home AwardsI recently joined a wine club and I'm digging it!   Thank you Lori!  Shopping online at my leisure in the comfort of my own home, discovering new and exclusive wines and having them shipped directly to my door = Happiness in Every Sip.  I borrowed that line from WineShop at Home, the club I joined, it's a true statement.  

WineShop At Home, founded in 2005, is headquartered in the legendary Napa Valley. The winery, owned by the Fredrick family of Dallas, Texas, produces award-winning, exclusive, artisan wines across 50 brands.  Their wines have won over 200 awards in national and international wine competions!  And they've got everything to please any wine preference, choose from sweet and bubbly to dry and crisp whites, smooth and supple to bold and intense reds.   WineShop at Home features artisan wines for every occasion, palate and personality.

In my monthly shipment I get four bottles of fantastic wine - I've NEVER been disappointed -  two whites and two reds and a recent shipment included a REALLY NICE sweet white.   Here's the description from the WineShop at Home website:

Surburban Fracas MeleeOur Suburban Fracas Melee is a sweet white wine blend made from a clash of 75% Sauvignon Blanc, 22% Symphony and 3% Muscat of Alexandria.

It is not often that Sauvignon Blanc encounters Symphony. The result is a turbulent, flavorful wine displaying aromas of pear, apple and grapefruit. The fragrances are very intense in the most revealing way possible. There are also mineral undertones that lead to a bright finish. The sweetness coats the mouth for a rich mid-palate and flavorful finish. Intense fruit notes are also present in the mouthfeel with pineapple, lychee and some bergamot candy characteristics.

Enjoy this sweet Melee with a cheese platter, sweet and sour pork, pasta with seafood or light desserts. 

WineShop at Home never ceases to amaze me with how good their wines truly are.  You know how sometimes you go to the liquor store, select a bottle of wine, something you've never had before and after having a glass determine you wouldn't buy it again?  There's no buyer's remorse with WineShop at Home and this sweet Melee really delivers on the flavor!  Like their other blends, this wine is yet another example of what puts WineShop at Home over the top and a big notch above their competitors - THEIR WINE BLENDS ROCK! The wine maker, Alexandre Reble, knows how to blend grapes like no other! He truly is a master and his wine creations in my humble opinion are second to none. I've been a Wine Club member with WineShop for several months now, and I have NOT had a bottle of wine I wouldn't re-order. My Ladyfriend and I enjoyed this fantastic sweet white blend with a simple, light dessert of vanilla ice cream topped with some fruit and it was STELLAR!

Palate pleasing, the Suburban Fracas Melee is another MUST TRY from WineShop at Home and I'm giving it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's a FANTASTIC sweet white!

5 stars

Currently offering some great discounts, I highly recommend WineShop at Home, they've got award winning wines at every price, exclusive wines delivered right to your door! 

Contact Lori and set up your wine tasting today!



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