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Taco Shop: Best Fast Food Taco in Town

By Mike Thayer

20210730_183220I needed to run some errands after work yesterday and didn't feel like cooking and cleaning post-errands so a quick and tasty meal I could enjoy while completing my to-do list was in order.

Hello Taco Shop!

In my humble opinion Taco Shop makes THE best hard shell tacos in town and they're the cheapest too!  BONUS!

I went to the Taco Shop drive through on Webb Road and ordered three original tacos which cost me just $3.19.  That's just 99 cents per taco plus tax.  An item of note and evidence that Taco Shop rocks is how many cars were in the drive through there and how many were NOT in the Taco Bell drive through across the street and they charge $1.39 for their basic taco by the way.  Taco Bell was virtually dead and I'm talking a just after 6pm dinner time!  It took me 17 minutes from the time I pulled in to get my meal.

And it was a very tasty meal!  The crisp corn shell was crunchy, the ground beef nicely seasoned, the shredded lettuce was fresh and the shredded cheddar cheese topper brought everything together.   And another thing I like about Taco Shop is their food prep is not your typical sloppy prep, it's presented well and balanced.  My application of additional sauce however, yep, a bit sloppy.

20210730_183257I'm giving Taco Shop 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars!  Cheap eats, TASTY eats!

The Taco Shop location visited on this occasion is located at 1652 S.  Webb Road, Wichita, KS. 67207.  The service was polite and although I spent a fair amount of time waiting in line, it was due to the sheer volume of customers.  I was greeted with a smile at the window.  Thank you Taco Shop!  When you go to this Taco Shop, note how many cars are NOT at Taco Bell across the street.

5 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends.....




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