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Grilling Good Eats: Chapter 13 - Accessories & Gadgets

Grilling Good Eats

by Mike Thayer

I already covered 'must have' essential tools in Chapter 2, but let's do a quick recap of the basics needed for cranking out a great meal from the grill before we get into accessories and gadgets.  

The charcoal chimney: For me, there’s really no better way to light charcoal.  They’re easy to use and there's no foul lighter fluid smell or residue. 

Grill gloves: Get a good glove for working with charcoal chimneys, re-positioning a grill grate, lifting a hot lid or even pulling some hot baked potatoes off the grill. 

Tongs: NO grill master is without a good pair of metal tongs. For added control and gripping power, be sure to buy a pair with some kind of scalloped edge in the tip end. 


All Things Barbecue - Wichita

All Things BarbecueIt all started simply enough: just a few friends and family gathering in the backyard, enjoying good company and good food. Somewhere along the line, this simple family tradition turned into a passion, culminating with the 2009 opening of a retail store, All Things Barbecue.

Located in America’s heartland, Wichita, Kansas, All Things Barbecue has a simple goal: to spread the passion for outdoor cooking to as many people as possible.

With knowledge gathered from generations of backyard cooks, we know that mouth-watering barbecue starts with professional grade tools. That’s exactly what you can find at All Things Barbecue, starting with Yoder Smokers, America’s premiere line of professional grade smokers built in Yoder, Kansas.

These smokers are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using the finest heavy-duty ¼-inch steel. A testament to quality and performance, Yoder Smokers can be found in backyards around the world and taking home top honors on the competition barbecue circuit across the United States.

The new All Things Barbecue retail store and headquarters located in the Historic Delano District in Wichita, KS.

818 W. Douglas Ave., Wichita, KS. 67203.


Flint Hills Spas - Wichita

Flint Hills SpasWe carry pellet grills made by Green Mountain Grills™.  They are as easy as a push of a button with the option of WiFi smartphone technology to monitor your food while you actually sit and relax. No more standing over a hot, sweltering grill wondering if your food is cooking to perfection.

All Green Mountain Grill™ pellet grills come in standard full-body black or the stainless steel hood option to suit your style or preference.  The Jim Bowie and Daniel Boone models come with optional wifi technology.  Our tailgate-sized Davy Crocket model is made with wifi only so you can enjoy tailgating without the worry!

East Location


West Location – 8/29/18

Flint Hills Spas and Pools
6730 West Kellogg
Wichita, KS 67209
(316) 500-1634


Jim's Tire & Auto - Wichita

Jim's TireJim's and Green Mountain Grills(GMG), welcome you to the future of Grilling, BBQ'ing, and Smoking all combined into one easy to use green friendly grill! GMG use all natural hard wood pellets that eliminates the use of propane, gas, or lighter fluid giving you the best flavored food cooked to perfection everytime. Although pellet style grills have been around for years, the GMG brand have refined their grills to be the best of the best allowing you to be the King or Queen of your backyard everytime! Each of their pellet grills come with a electronic digital thermostat that allows you to set your grills temperature to your liking, allowing you to cook something as simple as homemade pizzas, to searing that big fat T-Bone steak, to slow cooking some baby-back ribs!  Let the professionals at Jim's show you how a new GMG pellet grill can make your outdoor cooking experience a whole lot better. 

Jim's Tire & Auto Service
1205 South Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67207
 (316) 683-5685


The Wichita BBQ Store - Wichita

Midwest Pellet KingWe are Richard & Janet Gramza.  We are lifelong BBQ and grilling enthusiasts. We moved to Wichita 5 years ago from Olathe, KS.  We have 3 children and 5 grandchildren who all live here in Wichita.  We LOVE Wichita!

The Wichita BBQ Store
6810 W. Kellogg, Ste. 140
Wichita, KS., 67209

PH: 316-734-8814

Open 10am - 6pm Tuesday - Saturday


Walton's - Wichita

Walton'sWalton’s Inc. is a proud supporter of the meat processing industry and is a long-time member of more than 10 state associations as well as AAMP (American Association of Meat Processors).

At Walton's, we are committed to growing and expanding our inventory to meet the changing needs of our customers. To help uphold that commitment, in the Summer of 2013, we completed a warehouse expansion that grew our facility to 50,000 square feet. This expansion allows us to increase our overall stock quantities as well as add items to our inventory so that we may continue to provide you with the best products and service possible. With approximately 3,500 items ready for same day shipment, our central location in Wichita, Kansas helps to ensure your products get to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We take great pride in serving you and welcome your feedback on our products and services. Please visit us on the web, call on the phone or contact us by e-mail with any questions you may have. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you, whatever your needs may be.

Home Processors

Deer hunters, sausage making enthusiasts, and others who enjoy making sausage or jerky. Whether it is deer processing, sausage and jerky making, smoking & grilling, etc., we have all the meat processing equipment and supplies you need.

Commercial Processors

Our customers include all types of meat processing plants, grocery stores, restaurants and other food related businesses. Commercial pricing and benefits are only available when you are signed in. To visit our commercial section, please sign-in or request commercial access.